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Organizational Development

Organization Development utilizes applied theory and techniques to achieve organizational change.

Assessments, analysis, strategic and operational planning, learning opportunities, and designed processes that sustain results are some of the activities experienced in an organization development effort. The focus is always on change and the change is focused on organizational culture and the behavior necessary to move the organization to its desired outcomes. The process always includes participation and requires executive partnerships for planning.

Organizational Systems Design

As organizations evolve to meet market demands and customer expectations, they find that when realignment takes place, the current systems, structures, and culture may not be designed to meet the desired strategies of the organization. As a result, organizations are not structured for employee engagement and long-term success. To ensure alignment between operating goals and the contributions of their associates, we offer structural solutions that will create alignment with the desired outcomes: assessments, analysis, strategic and operational planning, whole-system planning, retreats, small group work, learning opportunities, and designed processes that sustain results are some of the activities experienced in an organization development effort. We have experience in small and large scale organizational design for existing and new entities:

Whether your desired outcome is to create a new organization or coalition or to redesign an existing organization that desires change, we offer solutions that create whole system involvement.

Appreciative Inquiry in Positive Business and Society Change

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is an emerging model of strategic innovation and change that starts with "strengths". Rather than seek out what's broken and analyze it, AI uncovers and elevates inspirations that are working – the little known positive deviances – that, if spread, could generate exponential returns. AI has been used to significantly enhance cost competiveness, revenues and profits, employee engagement, retention and morale, and customer loyalty in places ranging from Wal-Mart to United Way. Since the early 1980's, AI has been used in countries all around the world by thousands of people and hundreds of organizations in every sector of society to promote transformative change.

Bright Consulting uses the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) technology with client organizations that desire culture change in a variety of formats including organizational summits (3-4 day “whole system” meetings).  Our certifications were earned through study with Dr. David Cooperrider, the founder of Appreciative Inquiry, at Case Western Reserve University. 

Creating a Coaching Culture: InsideOut Coaching

Sustaining long-term organizational results requires organizational coaching talent. InsideOut Coaching is a part of our organization development design to create a coaching culture in your organization. The program is based on the conviction that most individuals already possess the knowledge and skills necessary to perform well on the job. We will equip leaders with coaching tools and techniques to fully access that potential. With our help, you'll learn how to affirm people's strengths, reduce environmental distractions, make goals more tangible and reinforce job commitment and accountability.


Managing Organizational Transition

Organizations today are experiencing an unprecedented frequency and intensity of change, reorganization, downsizing, business process improvements, new technology, new strategies, new people, and new rules - and there is no let up in sight. However, changes are all too often planned and implemented with little or no though as to how people will experience them.

When people go through the transition process successfully, the organization will reach the goals that the changes were designed to achieve. Our organizational approach to creating successful change is to work with leaders and associates to help them learn how to navigate through the significant changes they are facing. Change is an event, a decision to move in a new direction. Transition focuses on assisting people to go through the predictable psychological changes so that they don't lose sight of customers' needs. Managing Organizational Transition focuses people and systems on learning personal survival skills needed in these times of constant change. This process provides the knowledge and skills required to renew people's creativity and commitment, so that the organization can implement its change successfully.

Managing Organizational Transition requires planning with executives and operational leaders, learning opportunities in a variety of venues, and designed systems and processes to sustain the focus on the company's future.

Creating a Culture of Patient Safety: TeamSTEPPS

(Changing the team culture to ensure patient safety)

Team STEPPS is an evidence-based teamwork system that was developed by the Department of Defense Patient Safety Program in collaboration with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. It is designed to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare organization by helping healthcare professionals master communication and teamwork skills.

Team STEPPS is structured around four core competencies – Leadership, Situation Monitoring, Mutual Support and Communication. Participants learn and practice skills and behaviors that enable them to demonstrate these competencies in their daily work, and they also acquire a comprehensive set evidence-based communication tools and teamwork strategies.


Team STEPPS Essentials

2-hour course providing an abbreviated version of Team STEPPS Fundamentals. Designed for staff who do not engage in the direct delivery of care, but who contribute essential information with an impact to the on-going delivery of safe care.

Team STEPPS Fundamentals

4-6 hour course designed for direct providers of care. Adaptable to any service or aspect of healthcare.

Team STEPPS Train-the-Trainer

2.5 day course designed to educate trainers in the fundamentals, content and the associated knowledge and training required to implement and coach the desired behaviors necessary to achieve positive results.

Team Development

Team Development services are available for Leaders that desire enhanced effectiveness for the teams they lead. Team culture assessments analyzed, goals are identified by the team, processes are designed, and learning opportunities conducted to achieve the desired results.

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©2021 Bright Consulting LLC. All rights reserved.