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Leadership Development

Your leadership ability determines your effectiveness and the potential impact of your organization. All decisions in an organization are a result of leadership, or a lack of leadership. Developing your leadership skills is an essential requirement in your professional success. The most effective method to develop leaders is through alignment of an organizational competency model that has identified skills, knowledge, and ability for selecting leaders, developing leaders, and evaluating leaders.

Behavioral Interviewing

Technique for interviewing job candidates involves asking questions that prompt the persons being interviewed to provide specific examples of how they handled particular situations or projects or to give specific examples of how they demonstrated particular skills or behaviors that are relevant to the job for which they are applying. The goal of the behavioral interviewing is to determine, based on candidates' past actions and performance, whether they are likely to succeed in a given job.


Communication Styles Training

We know about the importance of communication. We know that communication is a critical factor in effective relationships and in organizational success. Because work is done through and with people, organizations and relationships need to function effectively. When people get "stuck" in communication, it is generally because they do not possess the versatility to translate messages to others with styles unlike their preferred style of communication. Using a DiSC profile for communication and behavioral styles, this program teaches how we can more effectively communicate with our strengths and to analyze best strategies for communicating with people who have different communication styles.


Change Acceleration Process (CAP)

"If you tell me, I will forget; If you show me, I will remember; But if you involve me..I will understand." Chinese Proverb

What is it?

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Conflict Management

In every workplace, conflict is predictable. Because people have their own unique perspectives and experiences, they will differ. And our differences regarding methods, goals, and values may cause conflict. To optimize our performance, we must be able to effectively resolve issues, settle differences, and implement solutions on every level. In this program, participants will discover how they handle conflict, how their conflict styles affect performance, and ways to more effectively manage conflict in the workplace.


Crucial Conversations

In the workplace and in our personal lives, we interact with people. We communicate through conversations all throughout the day. There are times that our conversations surface issues and discomfort and disagreement. Conversations can quickly turn into Crucial Conversations. Research tells us that when conversations turn crucial, it is because all three of the following elements are present: the stakes are high, emotions are strong, or there are differing opinions. Crucial Conversations is a program designed to improve communication when issues are challenging and/or preventing successful business outcomes.


Inside-Out Coaching

InsideOut Coaching is a program we use to create a coaching culture in your organization. The program is based on the conviction that most individuals already possess the knowledge and skills necessary to perform well on the job. We will equip leaders with coaching tools and techniques to fully access that potential. With our help, you'll learn how to affirm people's strengths, reduce environmental distractions, make goals more tangible and reinforce job commitment and accountability.


Managing Organizational Transition

Organizations today are experiencing an unprecedented frequency and intensity of change, reorganization, downsizing, business process improvements, new technology, new strategies, new people, and new rules - and there is no let up in sight. However, changes are all too often planned and implemented with little or no though as to how people will experience them.

When people cannot go through the transition process successfully, the organization will not reach the goals that the changes were designed to achieve. This program has been developed to help everyone in an organization learn how to navigate through the significant changes they are facing. It will help participants understand their experience and learn personal survival skills needed in these times of constant change. The program also provides the knowledge and skills required to renew people's creativity and commitment, so that the organization can implement its change successfully.



Work-Out™ is for rapid and team-based problem solving. With Work-Out™, a high performance team convenes to systematically scrutinize a process or problem & develop solutions and present those solutions to the sponsor for a decision at the meeting's end. Work-Out™ is about a highly facilitated team based decision-making process that partner's organizational leadership with front-line employees. It is important because you get the best solutions recommended by experts who are closest to the problem and supported by leadership.

Success is defined by: 1) solutions being implemented within 30 - 60 days, and 2) accountability to sustain the change.

What's needed for a successful Work-Out™ is sponsorship from the executive level, identification of key stakeholders closest to the problem pulled together as a team and masterful facilitation involving utilization of Work-Out™ tools and methodologies.


©2021 Bright Consulting LLC. All rights reserved.
©2021 Bright Consulting LLC. All rights reserved.