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Why Coaching?

Professional Coaching is about development. It is about acquiring a skill that you currently don't possess or learning how to more effectively demonstrate skills you desire to demonstrate. It is about developing YOU!

The way that professional coaching works is: you choose a professional coach and you co-create a path and a plan designed to achieve what you want.

Professional Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client designed to achieve desired performance. Clients seek coaching to enhance their skills and abilities. Clients that seek coaching want to be more effective in their endeavors. Professional Coaches are partners in the process of developing the client toward those goals.

What Does a Coach Do?

A professional coach has been trained in techniques, processes, and analytical instrumentation. Successful coaches possess skills, talents, and knowledge to guide a client in the journey to achieve their goals. The skill of the professional coach and the resources they bring assist the client in identifying the desired outcomes, strategies to achieve those outcomes, and designing systems for accountability to sustain the success.

What Kind of Clients Does Bright Consulting Work With?

Bright Consulting specializes in executive and life coaching.

Executive Coaching is a coaching specialty that partners with leaders and executives in a professional or a business setting. The goal of executive coaching is enhanced professional performance. Business people that seek executive coaching want to be better communicators, better skilled at conflict management with teams, more effective as leaders of people, and influencers in their company. Our primary client for executive coaching is a small business owner or a mid-level leader in a company that is responsible for staff or line operations.

Life Coaching is a coaching specialty that partners with professional adults that seek enhanced personal skills for effectiveness. Clients that desire ways to be better communicators, better skilled at dealing with conflict, and more effective in their relationships with others. Clients that desire ways to be more individually effective as human beings are candidates for life coaching.

On Hiring a Coach: Information for Prospective Clients

How Does Coaching Work?

Coaches are able to function in different roles with a client to achieve the client's desired outcomes. A professional coach can be a guide, a consultant, a mentor, and a professional partner. Much like a wellness practitioner, a professional coach is focused totally on the client, their individual qualities, and their desired outcomes. The professional coach is not prescriptive in their approach; they act as a resource, a guide.

Coaching occurs in many settings. Clients can be coached on the telephone, through video or audio conferencing software, and in-person. Clients in our practice schedule coaching appointments in advance, and usually about 2-3 weeks apart. This time allows for practice with new skill acquisition. A minimum of six months is recommended to learn and practice new skills. Most clients arrange for a yearly contract, which allows for the acquisition of multiple skills and ongoing practice.

Because a professional coach is your partner in the process, it will be important for both the coach and the client to determine if their partnership is the "right fit" for the relationship. This is addressed in an introductory session. Guidelines for the relationship are identified, per professional coaching standards.

©2021 Bright Consulting LLC. All rights reserved.
©2021 Bright Consulting LLC. All rights reserved.