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Bright Consulting LLC
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Bright Consulting

Bright Consulting is a human development company that connects people to their potential through coaching and development strategies. Bright Consulting offers clients executive and life coaching services, organization development services, and leadership development services.

Coaching Services

Professional Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client designed to achieve desired performance. Clients seek coaching to enhance their skills and abilities. Clients that seek coaching want to be more effective in their endeavors. Professional Coaches are partners in the process of developing the client toward those goals. We are certified professional coaches. We offer executive and life coaching services to clients that are responsible for managing organizations or functions as well as professionals that seek enhanced personal effectiveness skills.

Leadership Development

The ability of leadership in an organization will determine its effectiveness and potential impact. All decisions in an organization are a result of leadership, or a lack of leadership. Developing your leadership skills is an essential requirement. We offer services that will develop leaders through alignment of an organizational competency model that has identified skills, knowledge, and ability for selecting leaders, developing leaders, and evaluating leaders.

Organization Development

We offer solutions for organization change. Our services include whole-system change events including retreats, summits, strategic and operational planning, team development, and culture change implementation. The focus is always on the desired change and the predictable transition, the necessary steps to preserve organizational culture, and the behavior necessary to move the organization to its desired outcomes.

©2021 Bright Consulting LLC. All rights reserved.
©2021 Bright Consulting LLC. All rights reserved.